Angry Birds Dream Blast

The Angry Birds universe has been replenished with a new mobile game Angry Bird Dream Blast, which is a colorful puzzle game in the “three in a row” genre. In it you want to burst the balls of the same color, combining a variety of amplifiers.

Angry Birds Dream Blast

Balls fill the entire space of the game ranges barring any cells, as in many other comparable games. By putting off a number of elements of the equal color, others will go under the effect of gravity into the resulting void.

Also in the location of the harvested balls will appear the birds already familiar from previous games. Each of them has its personal damaging ability, which lets in you to tear down a total bunch of balls or spoil any limitations on your way.

dream blast game

What’s New in Angry Birds Dream Blast

By combining quite a few birds of the same type, you can get even extra powerful birds. For example, from two Reds, sweeping up a range of balls, you can get Chuck, who is capable to burst the balls in four directions at once. And from two Chekov it turns out gorgeous powerful Bombs, sweeping away all the balls from the display screen at once.

Using these capabilities you need to perform a range of duties on collecting elements of pure color, destroying appeared pigs or saving chicken eggs. Each time it will be a new mission on a new enjoying field with a constrained variety of moves.

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