Asus 1005PE Notebook Review

Asus 1005PE

Curvy, sleek and alluring, Asus Eee Personal Computer Asus 1005PE seems much cuter than it is any right to in this cost, and in addition to those books that are good, it’s a beastie. Under the hood, there are a plethora of improvements over its predecessor, the 1005 HA. Wireless media adheres to 802.11n speeds, the hard drive swells to 250GB and Intel’s Pine Course platform makes it a real long life champion. Running at over 9hrs 30mins in five hours and our use tests when flat out leaves the 1005 PE up with all the most models here. Performance is not likely to put the world on fire, but it is much the same as every other Pine Course powered a netbook, using a score of 0.29 placing it only a whisker away from its rivals.

Several things have suffered in the process. The computer keyboard, once a textbook example of how to receive it has been dumped in favor of scrabble tile design that was mediocre.

Asus 1005PE Notebook

It’s the layout we have a problem with, although getting used to the brief travel keys is not a problem: the cursor cluster and the right-hand shift key are too cramped. Given patience and a little time, we were soon happily typing away, however, put it alongside its deficiencies jump and the Asus 1005PE. The new display proves a retrograde and direct motion step too. Resolution isn’t any more a problem than using every 1024 x 600-pixel display, but image quality is not great, with inferior contrast, brightness and color reproduction when compared to the original Asus 1005PE Notebook. It is still good enough for the everyday tasks expected of a netbook, but some others here affect it in the quality stakes. It is ironic, then, that probably the least important facet of the Asus functionality – its sound quality – is probably the most remarkable, putting in a musical performance which embarrasses every other netbook here.

Nevertheless, that is not quite enough to swing items in the 1005 PE’s favor, using arch rivals the Asus 1005PE putting within much more balanced performances.

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