China has created a coating for hypersonic devices

China has created a coating for hypersonic devices

Researchers from the Middle Kingdom recently introduced a new coating designed specifically to withstand the extreme temperatures that arise, including during hypersonic flights.

On the eve of the media appeared information about the new coating, created by scientists from China. In spite of the fact that the complete data on the new product is clearly protected, some nuggets leaked into the Web, allowing to imagine the general characteristics of the material. The most important advantage of the material is its ability to resist high temperatures, reaching up to 3 thousand degrees Celsius. It also became known that the novelty is a composite made of ceramics and other refractory materials.

These properties of the new development will most likely be used to create hulls or coatings of hypersonic aircraft, which are very hot in flight. In theory, the limit of 3,000 degrees will allow the aircraft to reach speeds of 20 Mach numbers.

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