Less is More!

It was yet another one of those cold and rainy days in Lahore. The clouds had brought in rain from somewhere up north making it feel more like the month of December. Exams were just around the corner and quite literally every one of them had quickly transformed into volumes and volumes of books that sat in the corner of my room and taunted me every day. I knew just what I needed.


Sugary treats are quite like basic mood enhancers. The temporary high they provide has been linked to a sufficient level of serotonin spike in the brain. This is perhaps one of the reason behind dieticians advising against them. A little bit of fun never hurt anyone, though. Everything in moderation is great, especially during stressful times.

Stress Relievers

Every time this season rolls around, it drags me to my favourite spot inside Cinnabon; a quiet little corner with its own shelf of books, a comfortable sofa and a big window overlooking the rain outside. I order my favourite bite-sized doughnut treats, the world famous CinnaSweeties, and lose myself in sugary goodness.

Made from a gooey dough rolled to perfection, these mini treats are best when consumed fresh out of the oven. Coated with cinnamon sugar, they also come with Oreo cookie pieces or sprinkles. Alternate between their varieties depending on the level of “sugar” you can tolerate, but definitely give them a shot.

As I sit with my regular cup of coffee and some of Cinnabon’s best CinnaSweeties I am transported to memories and tiny moments packed with innocent joy. I am dragged away from all worries and dropped off at an unknown location where for just a moment, all is quite alright. Life is made of the little things, less is more and these tiny CinnaSweeties are a testimony to that!

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