Mobile Game Clash of Clans

clash of clans game

Clash of Clans was once launched in 2012 and right away gained large popularity, mainly among adolescents from 7 to 14 years. It is colorful, bright, effortless to learn and very exciting.

However, like many different mobile games, Clash of Clans used to be created in order to construct a player’s addiction and unobtrusively make him spend real money on sports items. Children can without difficulty fall underneath this influence. Guide24x7 accrued all the indispensable records that will assist to forestall this.

clash of clans

What is the essence of the game

Clash of Clans is a strategy. The player builds his base, saves resources, trains fighters repels attacks of enemies and assaults himself. The first few battles take location in single participant mode, but as an alternative shortly the user enters the multiplayer, enter the clan and starts attacking different bases.

Clash of Clans has four primary kinds of resources: gold, elixir, black elixir and crystals. Gold and both sorts of elixir are mined by means of extraordinary structures on the base or all through attacks on different players. Crystals are issued for some movements for the duration of the recreation or offered for actual money.

clash of clans game

How can this Game dangerous

Like many other cellular games, Clash of Clans is literally created for players to spend as an awful lot time as possible. There is constantly something going on in it: the building is completed building, then the base is attacked by enemies. And each tournament is accompanied by using a notification so that the user doesn’t miss anything.

Because of this, the sport can seriously enthrall a character with an unstable or no longer fully shaped psyche, such as a child. Without outdoor control, this can flip into a problem.

In-game purchases

Clash of Clans has in-game purchases. Their value varies from 75 to 7,490 rubles. Basically, for real money, the sport presents to buy crystals – a useful resource that is spent on the most phase on the instantaneous completion of actions.

The reality is that many steps in the method are finished after a sure time. For example, it takes a number of seconds to instruct one barbarian, but usually, they educate them in dozens at a time. It may also take 15–20 minutes to enhance a building. This device is designed to make sure that the player, whilst meeting boundaries on the way to his next battle, spend crystals on the instantaneous completion of actions.

Everything is aggravated by means of the fact that the “Spend crystals” buttons now and again seem to be like the “Next” buttons. A character unfamiliar with mobile games may additionally now not apprehend that he has a choice: wait or spend a precious resource.

Insecure applications

On Android, there are modified versions of Clash of Clans – those in which timers had been eliminated or gamers have been given a nearly infinite supply of resources from the very beginning. There is virtually no experience in them, because they do no longer have to get admission to the servers created with the aid of the developers, and they cannot be measured in opposition to different players. Nevertheless, they are popular. Especially amongst children, because they permit to get all the buildings, troopers and upgrades for the base immediately.

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of hyperlinks to download such modifications. You can’t have faith them: any of them can add a virus to a smartphone or tablet that will transfer personal facts to an attacker.

Strategic thinking development

In Clash of Clans, you want to continuously make choices. What sort of warring parties to train, which building to build, where precisely to region their troopers at the time of the attack on the enemy base, in order to reduce losses. All this helps the toddler to boost tactical questioning and deepen appreciation of cause-effect relationships.

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