Dell Inspiron 580s Review

Dell Inspiron 580s

The Dell Inspiron 580s is a competitor to HP PCs and small form factor PCs Such as the Acer Aspire X1700. The 580s has among Intel’s latest i3 processors, giving its users exceptional performance for a price that is good. The Inspiron 580s is a general purpose desktop for the individual performing to moderate tasks. Design – The Inspiron 580s follows Dell SFF PCs design. This time around, the design of the desktop was altered to sport a black faceplate with a motif. The two drive bays of the system are full of a card reader and a DVD recorder.

Dell Inspiron 580s Specifications

The system’s front is clean and uncluttered with a pair of Serial Bus ports because of the only other adornments on the front part of the system and the power button. Since the drive and card reader, which are on the front of the chassis, concealed behind doors that are hinged this is. The doors conceal the drive trays while they’re not used, maintaining the sleek design of the system intact. Other IO ports include four more USB ports in the back, connectors for VGA and HDMI monitors, Ethernet, and audio. All-in-all, it is a neatly designed system. Even though I would have liked to have seen eSATA and a minimum of one FireWire port, their absence is not a deal breaker.

Dell Inspiron 580s

Inside, the system is well laid out, if a little cramped. The system has room for a single PCI card, two PCIe x1 cards, along with a PCIe x16 video card. Due to the SFF form factor, these all need to be half height cards, but that the system has Okay integrated graphics implies that you might not need a video card right away. All four Memory slots are filled up with the system 4GB of RAM. You will have to pull a number of DIMMs out if you wish to upgrade.

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