Dell Latitude E6400 Notebook Review

Dell Latitude E6400

What’s special in Dell Latitude E6400 Notebook

The Latitude E6400 is the most recent in a line of business notebooks from Dell. Sporting a selection of Intel Core processor choices, NVIDIA NVS 3100 M and Intel incorporated committed two display choices and graphics. The E6400 brought the body style that was latest. The body fashion is now around kept by the E6400, but switches back into the grey coloring scheme that has been found before it on D620 and the D630. The finish has a pseudo brushed look which appears to resist fingerprints more. The 50% of the notebook keeps the metal design that is black, by removing one screw, with a service panel which allows you access everything from the notebook.

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Dell Latitude E6400 Notebook Specifications

Within the E6400 the look is black on everything besides the model and computer lettering. In comparison into what you might find in a consumption model, there aren’t any reflective or glossy surfaces besides the chrome. This is nice where reflections can be distracting if you use your notebook. Adhering to the series ThinkPad, Lenovo switched. The HP EliteBook retains the picture and feel of a tier notebook on a consumer model and keeps the top cover. The Latitude E6410 chassis felt very well constructed and resisted any bending in the usual spots. The palm and touchpad showed no signs of sag under heavy prodding.

The computer directly over the optical drive remained still, even though most laptops do show some signs of weakness from this area. Grabbing the laptop by this palmrest and carrying it around didn’t cause any twisting or creaking noises. With the laptop closed the screen cover gave a higher protection for this screen and should prevent any computer key marks on from imprinting on this LCD after being carried in a backpack loaded with some other items. With the laptop open it took a fair amount of pressure applied to the rear of the cover earlier it showed any ripples or distortions around this display.

Dell Latitude E6400 Notebook Features

Users looking to upgrade portions of IT personnel trying to replacing components will find this Latitude E6410 very easy to support. Dell designed the entire bottom around just one access panel using a single screw holding it from a place. After removing the screen you simply slide the cover down on a smidge and pop it off. With the cover removed you get access following

  • WWAN
  • Wi-Fi card
  • memory slots
  • processor
  • heatsink
  • CMOS battery
  • cooling fan
  • instant-on
  • OS card

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