The EU is ready for new negotiations with the UK on Brexit

Lithuanian Foreign Minister about Brexit
Following the failure of the agreement between London and Brussels on the British withdrawal from the European Union (EU), Brexit’s primary negotiator, Michel Barnier, signals readiness for new negotiations. This writes the German edition of Die Welt January 16.
According to Barnier, the EU is equipped to negotiate a new agreement with London. However, there are conditions: the British must trade their former “red lines”. Extremely important is the open border with Ireland, mainly criticized in the UK – the so-called “backstop”.
The danger of Brexit barring an agreement is “as high as ever ,” he said. Now, ten weeks earlier than the UK’s deliberate exit from the EU, Brussels should speed up preparations for an unregulated Brexit.
As REGNUM information enterprise suggested , throughout the vote casting in the House of Commons in the UK on January 15, the majority of deputies rejected the settlement promoted by means of the Prime Minister of the united states of america Teresa May on the system for leaving the UK from the EU. “For” voted 202 people, “against” – 432.

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