Huawei Matt Pro 20 Launch China’s New Year

Huawei Matt Pro 20

The new year has started around the world, but China’s new year will begin on February 5, where the Chinese people are preparing for the new year, on the same occasion, the Huawei company is preparing to launch a new smartphone which Huawei Matt Pro 20 which will be introduced in red, blue and seven more colors.

According to the Chinese blogging web site, the smartphone’s smart graphic has been published, it can be said that it will be marketed on February 5, China’s new year. Sources have yet to get pictures of red and blue variants.

A Karen  chip 980 has been set up in Huawei Mate Pro 20, which is the fastest processor of the company, will also be installed on USB fingerprint and three-way cameras.

Huawei made 5 million camera cell seals and celebrated celebrating 500 million smartphones cell in 2018 last year.


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