In Russia, made the chair for the first cosmonaut from the UAE

In Russia, made the chair for the first cosmonaut from the UAE

An astronaut from the United Arab Emirates, who will become the first citizen of his country to be in near-Earth space, is preparing for flight. According to the experts of Zvezda Scientific and Production Enterprise, a unique personal chair has already been made for Hazzaa al-Mansuri.

The Russian Soyuz spacecraft, in which all cosmonauts and astronauts fly to the ISS, require the manufacture of an individual armchair for each crew member in order for the body to feel comfortable during overloads. The procedure of making an individual chair is quite laborious and takes some time, because the body of the future space explorer should be very accurately measured, and then the lodgement should be cast according to the data obtained. But this is only the first stage, followed by “fitting”, fitting and grinding, in order to finally get the perfect chair for each crew member. In this case, this procedure is carried out not only for the main crew, but also for doublers.

Specialists of the Zvezda Scientific and Production Enterprise, where such lodgements are made, reported that they had already cast chairs for the first Arab cosmonaut and for his backup. Now we have to carry out the stages of fitting and polishing, the completion of which, as well as the final “fitting” of the seats, is scheduled for July.

The flight to the ISS of the UAE astronaut is scheduled for the end of September as part of the MS-15 mission and will last eight days.

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