My Review on Jabber Elite active 65t Earbuds

Jabber Elite active 65t Earbuds

The jabber elite active 65t which in my review is one of the best ear buds on the market today it’s one that I use every single day and it’s the one that I take with me on trips anytime I want something small. something jabber elite active 65t fits in my ear and that has absolutely outstanding audio quality for taking phone calls not just for you to listen to the call but for your also callers that may be subject to external noise.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Charging Case  – Copper Blue
Price: $189.99
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jabber elite active 65t Micro USB

if you find that one ears looser than the other or one leaks audio or you can hear more from the outside world with one switch the tips and that may help you out you also get a standard guide around usage and then a micro us be micro USB cable for charging. If you’re using an iPhone or an Android phones that uses USB see that you keep this cable because you’ll need it to charge your jabber elite active 65t earbuds keep in mind this will work with virtually any of the phones on the market today. I use this also on a tablet and I’ve also used this on a laptop and it all works let’s go ahead and take a look at the earbuds themselves alright so taking a closer look at the earpieces they are matte finish they’re very soft to the touch they do have some controls here. You’ll find that they’ll have like little dots that indicate when you can increase and decrease the volume they’re multifunction tap type devices they have this interesting micro right here.  I’m telling you they’re absolutely fantastic as you look at the ear but here you do get your designation. But you need to make sure that when you place them in there just not placed like this but that you actually turn them and then they lock into place so you’ll see what they look like once.

jabber elite active 65t Design

The category of these earbud type audio solutions I have seen metal cases I’ve seen plastic cases and this is definitely a lightweight plastic case however it is very well constructed it the hinges are well done and having used the 65 t standard one good to go. The rapid charge that 15 minute charge is gonna give you one and a half times battery life all right.

You can connect up to eight devices so that means you have your personal phone you have your work phone you can also have your iPad. Your Samsung tablet you can have your Mac MacBook Pro you know whatever your setup is rest assured you’re gonna have eight devices that you can connect so that gives you great flexibility.

So today very excited that jabber sent us the active version so we’re gonna do an unboxing at the active version we’re gonna do an audio test of the active version and we’re going to see. Why it has a designation of active let’s get right to it make sure you hit the subscribe button and tap the little bell icon to get notified when new videos become available now just like the previous version that we looked at the 65T jabber includes a wide range of accessories they’re going to meet your needs for having a custom fit here. We have our charging case and it is very similar to the one that we saw with the jabber elite active 65t not active version the earbuds right here and I have to say just by looking at them the initial version that

I had seen at the show was a blue but I actually prefer the black much more I think this is a pretty good-looking earbud and you definitely get those in the package you do get some ear gels and one tip is that well these fit really well and give you a great audio seal don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes. Because our ear canals could be a little bit different in each ear so you don’t have to choose two of the same type to get the best audio fit make sure that you try them.

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