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For a long time, fans of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio wondered why their pet wears a thick beard, but after the first trailer for the new film called “The Revenant” was released on the Internet, everything became clear: a rich beard was needed for the new role of actor.

In this film, a popular Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Birdman, 21 grams) DiCaprio turned into the image of a forest hunter who needs to stay alive after the betrayal of his comrades.

DiCaprio wondered

The project started back in 2001. Sean Penn or Samuel L. Jackson could play a major role, but the director chose DiCaprio as a returnee. Filming of the thriller began in Canada in the fall of 2014. Inarritu shot the film in a strictly chronological order that, despite the protests of the producers, led to a rise in the cost of production and a long shooting process.

Film thriller should be held at the end of the year.

The plot of the film

In the film, viewers find themselves in the 19th century in the Wild West, during the times of the war of the American army with the Indians. The main character – hunter Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) fights with the Indians, led by the brave captain Andrew. One day, the hunter Hugo meets a huge bear. Hero Leonardo DiCaprio becomes the winner in this fight with a wild beast but receives the hardest wounds. Captain Andrew orders his men to take care of the dying hunter Hugo, and then bury him. Soldiers rob the wounded man and leave him to die alone. But a miracle happens! Hugo, seriously wounded, survives, and now his main task in life is to take revenge on the traitors!

When did Oscar

By the way, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu became an Oscar for twice already. He received an award from the American Film Academy as Best Director for the films Babylon (2007) and Birdman (2014). Perhaps thanks to this talented film director, the brilliant Di Caprio will finally receive the desired Oscar?

Leonardo has been waiting for this event for many years. Even his role in the cult film “Titanic”, which won 11 Oscars, left the actor with nothing, so now every nomination for Di Caprio is very intriguing to his fans. It is assumed that some Hollywood directors do not want to work with DiCaprio because of his “curse”. On the other hand, the talented Leo is definitely not experiencing a lack of roles.

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