Lithuanian Foreign Minister about Brexit

On January 15, the British Parliament rejected the Brexit agreement and intends to vote on the government’s resignation. According to the government, if the settlement is no longer approved, Lithuania will have to change laws in connection with the prison fame of UK citizens in Lithuania, attention of taxes, aviation and maritime transport, and professional qualifications.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister about Brexit

The head of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevicius said that now the UK need to make its proposals, considering the fact that the European Union does not intend to initiate new negotiations. “It is now important for us to know which way the British government will go and which option will offer, again all answers – in London. We would like this to occur as quickly as possible. And the truth that the UK will depart the EU barring an settlement is possible, but different picks are possible, for example, a way out of Brexit.

In the European Court it was once said that a sufficiently unilateral declaration by using the UK, and the whole thing remains as it was. This option is the worst agreement. We in the EU do not favor it, but we are additionally preparing, as nicely as to others. There are no intentions to open Pandora’s container again, there sincerely aren’t any intentions to agree on some thing again, ”the Minister saidAl-er-te.

Lithuania is thinking about sending greater diplomats to the country’s embassy in the United Kingdom. “Lithuanians dwelling in the UK may additionally need more consular attention,” said Linkyavichus. According to the Foreign Ministry, about 200 thousand Lithuanian residents now live in the United Kingdom. As noted in the materials of the authorities meeting, if there is a UK exit besides a contract, then Lithuania will have to change the laws on the reputation of British in Lithuania, direct taxes, aviation and maritime transport, cognizance of qualifications.
The authorities also “appreciated the political and possible monetary have an effect on of Lithuanian contributions to the EU budget, if no agreement is reached, as nicely as extra customs capacity,” the Foreign Ministry said. The United Kingdom have to withdraw from the EU on March 29. The British Parliament rejected the Brexit Treaty by 432 votes to 202.

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