NETFLIX plans to make Series on the Game Resident Evil

According to the publication Deadline, the series on the franchise Resident Evil is already in the works, and filming is engaged in the acclaimed series about the “Witcher” Netflix. The company itself has not yet commented on this insider. If you believe the rumors, the Constantin Film is looking for options to save the film adaptation of “Resident Evil”, which received as many as six adaptations. The successful ones, however, were far from all, but on the whole, the franchise earned 1.2 billion dollars in the world box office, becoming the highest grossing series of films.

NETFLIX plans to make Series on the Game Resident Evil

The new series will expand the universe of the game, telling viewers about the work of the gloomy corporation Umbrella, which is the antagonist and the culprit of the zombie celebration in the entire game series. In particular, the viewer will be told about where the idea to create a terrible experiment with the T-virus, which turned the residents of the city of Raccoon into the walking dead, came from. But, whatever one may say, the project is still at the very early stages of preparation, and therefore the outline can be changed a hundred times more.

In 2017, there were rumors about the shooting of the series “Arclay”. In the story, his main character was to be a detective investigating the killings in Raccoon City and the mountainous district of Arklay outside the city. The project manager was announced as independent director Sean Lebert with the support of Mance Media studio. However, the series ended without starting. Insiders believe that the scripts could end up being transferred to Netflix. But after looking at the cast of The Witcher, there is no hope of a good casting for Resident Evil.

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