New! Radio-controlled boats and airplanes from Pilotage!

Radio-controlled boats and airplanes from Pilotage

Four new models from Pilotage will appear on store shelves in the very near future. Two boats and two airplanes on the radio control will suit both novices and experienced “pilots”! 

Radio-controlled aircraft “Piper Cub”
Realistic aircraft on the radio control “Piper Cub” is specially designed for flying over a small stadium, a tennis court or a clearing in the park. This plane can easily be in the air for up to 20 minutes. In the capable hands of the “Piper Cub” is able to perform aerobatic maneuvers, take off and land like a real plane. The toy is made of impact-resistant material EPO. 
Features of the model:
– The fuselage of repairable material; 
– small size;
– A great coach for novice pilots. 

Radio-controlled aircraft “Dolphin 600”

Plane Dolphin 600 has a built-in stabilization system. Due to its small size and easy operation, this model can be launched in almost any open area. In the air the plane can be up to 20 minutes. Thanks to the pusher propeller that does not break when it falls, this plane is perfect for novice pilots. 

Features of the model:
– Built-in stabilization system; 
– proportional control system; 
– fuselage of impact resistant and maintainable material; 
– an excellent coach for novice pilots; 
– air cooling system of the electric motor. Radio-controlled boat “Monaco” Radio-controlled boat “Monaco” has excellent handling and maneuverability, and the bright design will not leave indifferent children and adolescents. On the move, this model can be about 12 minutes. 

Features of the model:
– Bright and beautiful body of impact-resistant plastic; 
– two collector electric motors; 
– reverse. 

Radio-controlled boat “Piranha”

Radio-controlled boat “Piranha” – one of the fastest in its class. The increased battery capacity will allow the model to stay on the water for more than 12 minutes, despite its speed and two powerful collector motors, which provide the ship with excellent maneuverability and controllability. The scale of the model is 1:16. 

Features of the model:
– Two powerful collector motors;
– sports design; 
– speed up to 25 km / h.

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