New! Universal SSD 2.5 ”from Patriot Memory

New! Universal SSD 2.5 ”from Patriot Memory

SD 2.5 ”P200 of US company Patriot Memory, one of the world leaders in the production of RAM and solid-state hard drives, is available in DNS. 

The novelty from Patriot Memory, SSD 2.5 “- model P200 – has powerful characteristics, made in capacities from 256GB to 2TB, suitable for both PCs and laptops, which makes the P200 SSD a universal purchase for reasonable money.

SSD P200 improves system performance and reduces download and data transfer times. SSD P200 are built on modern controllers with SATAIII interface, SMI 2258XT controller is used for capacities from 256GB to 1TB and Maxio MAS0902A for 2TB capacity. New from Patriot has a built-in temperature sensor, it allows you to monitor the working temperature in real time. With the help of special software you will always be aware of what is happening inside your computer or laptop. 

SSD P200 is equipped with error correction technology (ECC) and a built-in algorithm that increases the life of the device. The Patriot file disk takes up only 7% of the capacity. For example, the P200 512GB, before formatting, is 476GB free for download.
Maximum read / write speeds: 530 MB / s (read) / 460 MB / s (write). Manufacturer’s warranty on the device is 3 years. 

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