New! Wireless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8

New! Wireless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8

Multistage suction system.
A vacuum cleaner uses a power amplifier that allows the motor to achieve high speed, and air consumption is 1100 liters per minute. Thanks to this power, the air pressure reaches 18,500 PA and the vacuum cleaner effectively cleans the smallest dust particles from the floor. In addition, the device has a new soundproofing technology, so that the noise level does not exceed 75 dB. 

Efficient Filtration System
The four-level filtration system helps to effectively clean the exhaust air from dirt and dust particles, it detains particles as large as 0.3PM. Purification of exhaust air reaches 99%. 

Work up to 55 minutes
Thanks to the advanced battery management system, the Roidmi Vacuum Cleaner lasts for 55 minutes of operation or approximately 350 square meters of efficient cleaning. 

LED backlight
The nozzle has a built-in LED flashlight, and a light sensor that allows you to automatically turn on the backlight in dark corners, such as under the bed, a sofa or an unlit corner. 

Effective “disinfecting” nozzle The
cleaning suction head is equipped with a brush using nylon and rubber. They use an independent motor for rotation and effectively clean the hair, bacteria, even from complex tissues. 

Cleaning dust from the car A
cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning traces, pollen and dust from a car, and creates a favorable atmosphere in the car. 

Work with the application
Download Roidmi apps for your smartphone and connect to the Roidmi F8 using Bluetooth to check the charge, the running time, the need to replace the filter or the need to throw garbage out of the dust collector. 

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