Romero will release DLC for the original Doom

Romero will release DLC for the original Doom

By the original Doom will be released nine-level addition.

At the end of 2018, John Romero, one of the creators of the iconic Doom shooter, announced a new free DLC to the original 1993 Doom, adding nine new levels to the game for the single-player campaign and nine levels for the Deathmatch.

The release of the 5th episode of the game was to be held in February of this year, while Romero decided to postpone it to the current month. Now, as reported by fans, the release is planned no earlier than May.

The developers explained this nonsense by saying that the situation is due to a hitch with Sigil’s physical copies, which gamers will receive next month. And only a week later, players can download for free from the Internet.

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