rump missed Syria & with it the entire region?

Trump missed Syria

When the Communists led by way of Mao Zedong gained the Chinese revolution, the Republicans in Washington shouted: “Who missed China?”. Now, many years later, the Republicans once more asked the identical question, only this time about Syria. And they reply themselves: Barack Obama. My version is the same: Obama shares the blame for Syria with his successor, Trump. And there is one nuance: earlier than he misplaced Syria, Trump lost his mind.

Trump missed Syria

The blatant stupidity of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo eloquently testifies to the madness of the president. Either Trump will get rid of him at speed, or he will run away from the State Department with shouts: “I can’t take it anymore!”. Last week in Egypt In the most problematic overseas coverage speech of modernity, Pompeo simultaneously sounded the offensive and the flight. On the one hand, “America will no longer shy away whilst the fight in opposition to terrorism continues,” on the other, “President Trump has determined to withdraw troops from Syria.” In the end, as if this contradiction did no longer seem enough to him, Pompeo delivered confusion, declaring: “When America recedes, chaos remains. If we go away friends in trouble, hostility grows. ”

This time, however, chaos was earlier than Trump. The decision to withdraw the troops, which Trump introduced in the December tweet, caught the Allies by using surprise. Israel received nervous. France and Great Britain have been perplexed. The Kurds decided that they have been betrayed. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis resigned. His example was observed with the aid of the US special representative on the battle against LIH (terrorist organization, banned in Russia, editor’s note. ) Brett McGurk. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham (Lindsey Graham) threw the whole thing and rushed headlong into the White House to beg Trump to at least lengthen the withdrawal of troops. As a result, the presidential “right now” has come to be “in the coming months” or even longer. The world is ready for further tweets.
The President and Pompeo are proper in their personal way: Obama in Syria has achieved the job. He must have intervened while reasonable opposition to Syrian President Bashar Assad nevertheless existed. And he need to have realized his chance when he referred to as the use of chemical weapons by using the Syrian regime a “red line”. However, in fact, Obama did not hit his finger, even after a lethal assault the use of sarin. Trump, on the contrary, has already punished Syria for the use of chemical weapons with air strikes – twice.

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