Smart bracelet XIAOMI MI Band 3 Global Version with protective film

Smart bracelet XIAOMI MI Band 3 Global Version with protective film

Parameter table

  • Manufacturer : Xiaomi
  • Type : Bracelet
  • Interaction with android : yes
  • Screen availability : yes
  • Moisture protection : yes
  • Phone Calls : Incoming Call Notification
  • Gps : no
  • Pulsometer : built-in
  • Interaction with ios : yes
  • Physical activity monitoring : yes
  • Children’s watch : no
  • Sleep monitoring : yes
  • Touch screen : yes
  • Install third-party applications : no
  • Body Color : Black
  • Color : black

XIAOMI MI Band 3 Description and characteristics

Smart bracelet XIAOMI MI Band 3 with a protective film 
Global version. Russian interface language. 

Large touch screen, waterproof to a depth of 50 m. 
Track every step. 

1. A large, brand new OLED touchscreen display. 
Display up to 24 characters. 
Display application notifications of incoming calls. 
View a huge amount of activity data in real time 
Automatic monitoring of sleep quality and counting steps 
Waterproof at a depth of 50 m 
20 days from a single charge 

2.Just lift your wrist to be aware of 
Displaying application notifications of incoming calls. 
Instant Messages 
Weather Forecast
Event notifications and 

vibrate 3. Move to meet new challenges and get better 
Display activity data, including time, distance, pulse rate, and moisture protection at a depth of 50 m 
Swim and surf with Mi Band 
View live activity data 
Select yourself a small goal and work on achieving it 

4. Track every movement and at any time obtain data on health 
More accurate determination of the number of steps, heart rate and sleep quality, 
as well as notifications about the absence of an act Equities 
More accurate algorithm for counting steps and measuring heart rate 
Sleep more and better every day 
Give yourself all over, and then rest and recover

5. More energy will allow you to release your hidden potential of 
20 days of work from one full battery charge, unlocking without entering a password, notification of incoming calls and the ability to send calls away using a bracelet, as well as a great many other functions. 
Convenient unlocking without entering a password 
Call notifications and the ability to reject calls Understand with calls, even without a phone 
30 functions in one case 
Huge selection of functions, start moving 
Weighing just 20 g 20 days from a single charge 

6. A seamless and sleek black screen is built into the body 
The large and clear OLED touchscreen display makes the Mi Band 3 even more outstanding. 
Special fastener mechanism
Material, soft and safe for skin, provides comfortable and pleasant carrying

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