Smart toilets are the main stars of CES 2019

Whether you’re ready for it or not, smart devices have finally reached the bathroom. We have already seen a shower, the temperature of which can be adjusted from the iPhone, met with a smart mirror on Android and not only. But the headliners of CES 2019 among the bathroom gadgets are “smart”, in the literal sense of the word, toilet bowls that do not just connect to the Internet, but even have built-in voice assistants (if the magazine is suddenly bored).

Smart toilets


You can’t pronounce such a identify except tears, but just see how the organisation describes its creation:

The sketch of our toilet is inspired via the elegance and beauty of the stone, the structure of which itself adjustments with the help of water over time.

The abnormal factor is to searching for proposal while sitting on the toilet. However, there are definitely sufficient technological solutions here: there are sensors hooked up in the rest room that can robotically open and close the lid, as properly as flush the water. A cleaning gadget is also built into the device, which makes use of heat water, an air “dryer” and a heated seat. The loo additionally makes use of the Actilight bowl cleansing technology, which dispenses electrolytic water in the loo to get rid of waste.

Although, this rest room is at least comparable to the toilet.



Futuristic thing, which in addition to more than one cleaning structures has high-end built-in audio system and … yes, Alexa’s voice assistant! So if you have always dreamed of speaking to the toilet, $ 7,000 – and yours. And, yes, the bathroom lighting nevertheless knows how to exchange its colour depending on the song being played.



While dogs normally do their enterprise outside, cats decide on to stay at home. So why not make them a smart toilet? LavvieBot is an computerized cat bathroom that can clean up waste and add filler when the time comes. You nevertheless want to smooth the device every couple of weeks, but it is still better than cleaning up after the cat every day. An software works in conjunction with the gadget that will let you be aware of when your cat used the bathroom if you need this information. LavvieBot will be launched in May 2019 on Indiegogo.

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