Sonos One Review

Sonos One

Sonos one the first smart speaker from the company that started multi-room audio so it’s a solo speaker we expect it to sound great and work great with their easy-to-use eco system. It supports Google assistant so perhaps the first smart speaker that connects to multiple ai’s.

Sonos One Smart Speaker Sound Quality

The sound that this little speaker can produce it fills a room so well that it really left me with little to be desired I mean this is a really small speaker but it filled my entire house absolutely no problem. It has two drivers one tweeter and one mid woofer and 2 amps built-in and these create clear sound all through the range and even at the loudest setting there’s no distortion and it really is a nice listening experience. There’s also something called true played tuning so if the speaker sounds a little weird or you put into a new location you can tune it with your phone. You just walk around the room and wave your phone around and it will change the way the speaker sounds so that it best matches the room.

Original Sonos Play:1 - Compact Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music. Metallic Black. Works with Alexa.
Price: $149.00
(As of: 2019/07/08 3:40 pm - Details
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Sonos One The Smart Speaker Features

No other speaker sounds as good as the Sonos one does right now plus it works with Sonos entire ecosystem so any other sonal speakers in your home are going to be controlled and play excellently with the new Sonos one speaker. The first check for every one is the size this thing is tiny for the sound that it produces it’ll fit pretty much anywhere but at the same time it’s well built.

Sonos One Physical Structure

It’s very heavy and has a nice subtle design with a grille all around and a whirl is a nice elegant option that would look good in pretty much any home. There is no threaded insert on the Sonos one that means it’s not really going to be a speaker that you can mount very easily you do have a little connector button. An Ethernet jack back there in case you have to wire to your router to set the system up.

Compare With Other Speakers

Compared to most other speakers is instead of using bluetooth the speaker works over Wi-Fi or Ethernet so after you set it up it just sits on your network and you don’t have to worry about connecting it with bluetooth or setting it up.

Sonos One: The Smart Speaker Specifications

sono system alexis abilities are expanded so that you can play music in all rooms of your house different stations for different speakers. Sonos app you don’t really need to open it any further because the Sonos app will walk you through everything.

How to Use Sonos Speaker with Alexa

If you already own sonal speakers you can control them with Alexa simply by enabling the skill and app and using an echo speaker or a fire TV device.

My Experience and Suggestion

Overall super pleased with how this sounds and I absolutely love listening to it now this speaker cost $199 and for that price. I’ve got to say it’s totally worth it. It’s sound great it’s a seamless experience to use and I thoroughly recommend it if you buy the speaker I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed. You like to track your heart rate by Fitbit Alta HR Tracker.

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