T-34 Movie Review

t-34 movie

People didn’t have time to recover from the stormy festivity, when a powerful and merciless machine under the proud name T-34 was rolled out onto them. Strong and confident, unfortunately, it is only outside, but in fact suffers from cretinism or some other mental illness. I really love any cinema, including Russian, I am very sympathetic, but it’s hard not to admit that for a long time it is totally unhealthy, physically and, even worse, morally. For it is always possible to correct any technical deviations, but when it comes to mental deficiency, everything is much worse and more complicated.

a country
producer Alexey Sidorov
scenario Alexey Sidorov
producer Ruben Dishdishyan , Anton Zlatopolsky , Leonard Blavatnik ,
operator Mikhail Milashin
composer Vadim Mayevsky , Alexander Turkunov , Ivan Burlyaev , 
painter Konstantin Pahotin , Uliana Polyanskaya
installation Dmitry Korabelnikov
genre drama , military , adventure
600 000 000 rub.
premiere (world)

January 11, 2019 , …

premiere (RF)
January 1, 2019 , ” Central Partnership

So, one of the manifestations of the psychopathy of Russian cinema is the agonistic distribution of military films. Seriously, every year, a good five (if not more) of one-dimensional and single-type patriotic tapes about the war are thrown off to the audience. And it becomes so unbearable to breathe because of them that not one of the most perfect rebirths can help you. How much can you have already? An offshoot of this disease is a subtype of films, which is the “T-34” militaristic blockbusters, where the primary focus is on drive and action, of course, in a terrible damage to the content. Oh how great! Well, since filmmakers so desperately don’t want to lay down their weapons and continue aggression against the viewer, I do not see much point in holding back expressions.

With a similar layout, it turns out that such a movie should perform only an important function for it to entertain the people, the rest is optional. But our human beings cannot and literally perform the entire technical component at some primitive prehistoric level. Everything is disgusting, the camera is constantly jumping and convulsing like a fever, tanks can hardly be distinguished from toy counterparts in a store, and the action itself is represented by projectiles unscrewed in a pagan slow-mo and flying on a screen with such a slow at a rate that even Flash would spit. And no, this happens not once, not twice, and not even five times, in my opinion, there is absolutely ALL shells flying in this way. Honestly, I don’t know what an adequate person this is not even tired by the middle of this sick movie.

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