The Power Of Women

Women are rights that are human and should be treated as such. At level, as a matter of fact, a lot was done. The war crimes tribunal in a judgment in a case announced rape for a crime against humanity. Can’t be overemphasized. As mentioned in a national daily, the punishment involving stoppage and suspension increments. It becomes the responsibility of the nation to remove inequalities in different religions laws. Recently it’s been made compulsory to incorporate the mother’s name together with that of the father at the several types that are needed to be completed for an Indian child whilst seeking admission in a college or a little step forward with regards to Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 was enacted.

The term, in this case, includes Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and their denominations. In agreement with the Special Marriage Act, 1954, that governs union, for a girl and a boy to get married, they must have finished 18 and 21 years of age. Bigamy is illegal under this Act and every party must provide consent. Progressive laws like these go on to defend the rights of females and strengthen them. The report on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women issued by the government lately mentions the measures taken by it to contain the negative impact of the restructuring of the economics that India has embarked upon.

The Government of India made particular efforts to increase its support to get social sectors and has begun a series of schemes aimed at the poor, especially poor females and women in the informal sector. Keeping in line with the government policy on equal opportunity, there are 65 women at the senior positions at the Indian Foreign Services around the globe. For the very First time after independence, the highest post at the Foreign Service is inhabited by a female secretary, Chokila Iyer. Women themselves make vulnerable by either enduring or overlooking the male tortures, not necessarily physically, but emotionally. They can’t even fight for their very own right that is a matter of concern. But for the few non-governmental organizations, nothing concrete it was done to empower women.

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