Third of Russians use Mobile Internet


The analyst believes that in the near future, the Network may end up chiefly mobile, and then the desktop.
61% of Russians use the Internet from cellular units at the beginning of 2019. This is suggested in the GfK learn about .

Analysts have cited an increase in the share of Internet users on mobile devices. A yr ago, this discern used to be solely 56%. The range of calls from smartphones is increasing, and from the pills on the Web they are getting less and less.


The important remark is the make bigger in the share of users using the mobile Internet exclusively. If closing 12 months they accounted for 18% of all Internet users, this figure elevated to 35%.

In the near future, the Internet may end up particularly mobile and only secondarily – desktop. For the Internet segment, this potential a alternate of priorities in the improvement of digital products, communications, and advertising. Manufacturers, retailers and content material companies need to already make certain that their modern-day merchandise are equipped for mobile users, says Sergey Ketov, head of the media lookup department at GfK Rus.

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