Trump took U-Turn on a statement to destroy Turkey economically

Washington: US President Donald Trump said taking a seem to be at the Turkish economy’s economy, announcing that there are extensive possibilities for financial improvement between the two countries.

Trump took U-Turn on a statement to destroy Turkey economically

The US President Trump on Tuesday issued a remarkable announcement against Turkey that the US army has started withdrawing from Syria and if Turkey ambitions the Kurds in Syria, the US will economically damage Turkey. . Today, surprisingly, he modified the painter and said that there are big opportunities for monetary development between the two countries.

President Trump stated in a announcement on Twitter that my Turkish counterpart Tayyab Erdogan has been on the telephone and there are tremendous possibilities for the promotion of monetary boom between the two countries.

The US President additionally stated that he spoke to the Turkish President in Syria even at some point of the closing two weeks, conscious of his ultra-modern achievements in the battle against ISIS, whilst twenty miles long a secure quarter (safe area) It used to be also discussed. Trump delivered that they are conscious of Turkey’s protection concerns in Syria and choose to help.

It is clear that the Turkish Foreign Minister pushed aside the trumpt threats to smash the financial system and stated that he used to be no longer afraid or afraid of any threat.

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