Trump’s behavior was predicted in the 1958 series


Viewers located reference to the presidency of Donald Trump in the old TV series Trackdown, which aired in 1958. In the episode entitled “The End of the World”, a man by the name of Trump suggests that residents of a small town in the Wild West build a saving wall that will help people defend themselves from the probable fall of asteroids to Earth. The current US President Donald Trump, attempting to guard the united states of america from the waft of unlawful migrants, proposed to erect a wall between the United States and Mexico.


Trump – the hero of the collection “Tracking” – is trying to promote the safety of the cosmic threats to the residents of a small town, the so-called wall, which is designed to neutralize the attainable threat. We are not talking about the wall in the literal sense of the word, but about what can, like a strong wall, give protection from asteroids: Trump indicates the residents an umbrella, which, in accordance to him, is made from an super material. A metal washer is attached to the umbrella – it, as the hero of the series claims, is made of a very uncommon steel mined in the mountains of Peru.

Some residents react to Trump’s speech negatively – they recognise that he is a deceiver, however, anyone believes and is interested in the cost of the saving “wall” capable of protecting meteors and asteroids from falling. Acting US President Donald Trump, as section of his election campaign, promised citizens to protect them from a large quantity of unlawful immigrants with a wall – well worth $ 25 billion. True, one of the first reasons for building a wall, voiced by Donald Trump, is safety from drug traffickers and other “bad guys.” The size of the wall on the border with Mexico must be 1609 km, its top – 9 meters.

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