Upright LG CordZero A9MULTI2X vacuum cleaner

Upright LG CordZero A9MULTI2X vacuum cleaner

Wireless Vertical LG CordZero ™ A9 Vacuum CleanerLong battery charge, 3 options for placing the charging base, one-touch control.

– Power supply: 25.2 V battery 
– Power consumption: 450 W 
– Suction power: 140 W 
– Battery type: Li-Ion 
– Battery capacity: 2000 mAh 
– Charging time: 3.5 hours 
– Dust collector type: container 
– Container volume: 0.44 l 
– Noise level: 75-82 dB 
– Dimensions: 1120x260x270 mm 
– Weight: 2.7 kg 
– Color: black

Play videoFiltration
– The cyclonic system Axial Turbo Cyclone 
– Prefilter 
– Hepa filter: HEPA 14 

– Universal nozzle direct drive Power Drive Nozzle: built-in motor c direct drive inside the nozzle rotates a brush, providing equal power absorption and intake of debris as smooth floor , and on the carpet 
– Nozzle with a direct drive for hard surfaces 
– Crevice nozzle 
– Combined nozzle 2 in 1: allows you to use it at the same time for cleaning upholstered furniture in hard to reach places and when the brush is extended Lit remove solid furniture without damaging it. 

Modes of operation
– Standard mode (from one battery): 40 minutes with non-motorized nozzles; 30 minutes with motorized nozzles 
– Increased power mode (from one battery): 9 minutes with any nozzles 
– Turbo mode (from one battery): 6 minutes with any nozzles 

General characteristics
– Inverter motor LG Inverter Motor rotates at high speed, creating fast air flow inside vacuum cyclone chambers for efficient cleaning 
– Dual PowerPack technology: this is a replaceable lithium-ion battery technology. When using two batteries at maximum power, the cleaning time is 12 minutes, with the usual 80 minutes. 90% of factory capacity after 300 charging cycles
– Improved five-step filtration system: a high level of air purification from dust, which is 99.99%. At stages 1–3, the cyclonic system Axial Turbo Cyclone separates most of the dust works, and at stages 4–5, the filters purify the remaining fine dust 
– the Cyclonic Axial Turbo Cyclone system: the system separating air from dust forms powerful vortices of intake air and more effectively separates small dust. Axial Turbo Cyclone includes 3 stages of cleaning 
– AEROSCIENCE vacuum technology: this airflow technology uses powerful mini-air whirlwinds to separate dust particles 
– Control type: on the handle
– Convenient location of the control unit: power control and the inclusion of Turbo mode by pressing with a thumb 
– Special Anti-tangle technology: minimizes tangling hair and pet hair on the Power Drive Nozzle brush, which makes cleaning more comfortable 
– Aluminum telescopic tube: allows you to adjust the length vacuum cleaner depending on the situation, also in the folded state provides compact storage 
– Charge indicator: allows you to control the cleaning process and always know how much time is left for cleaning ku He will also tell you when it is necessary to charge the battery 
– Convenient emptying of the container: just place the vacuum cleaner over the container for disposal of garbage and press the dust collector opening button
– 3 options for placing the charging base: on the wall, on the floor vertically, on the floor horizontally. 

– Number of batteries: 2 
– Charging station 
– Adapter 
– Instruction
Warranty – 12 months.Country of manufacture: Korea, RepublicBarcode: 8806098310371Weight and dimensions in the package: 9.65 kg; 0.23×0.29×0.73 m

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