Vizio Plasma TV JV50P Review

Vizio Plasma TV JV50P

Vizio Plasma TV JV50P
Vizio is well-known for delivering TVs compared with the brands. But do not lump them into the inexpensive and nasty category just yet. They are actually just as good than their more famous yet frequently overpriced cousins. Since Vizio screens and panels frequently come from better-known manufacturers you’re receiving the same quality but at a more inexpensive price. The latest Vizio plasma Television is the JV50P. The 50 Vizio JV50P isn’t full Hi-def – but if I did not tell you that, you will not have known. The truth is the human eye is able to distinguish between one and a complete plasma.

Vizio Plasma TV JV50P Specifications

Why pay extra? Promotions and marketing hype tout complete Hi-def’s benefit, but those in the know are laughing because they spend half the sum on a model that is as good. And with regards to the 50 size, more than every other, the difference is negligible. The panel on the JV50P is out of LG and it’s an excellent alternative. But Vizio added numerous attributes that are not found on models in the class and have gone a step further. Let’s have a look at a number of the criteria for your Vizio Plasma Television JV50P: 1500 0: comparison ratio – 16: 9 widescreen – 1366 x 768 resolution – Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound – integrated digital Television tuner – optical sound inputWhere Vision Meets Value is Vizio’s catchphrase and it’s having trouble pulling yourself away from unquestionably valid in this instance. The JV50P is a plasma TV you will have trouble pulling yourself away from. Why spend over one thousand dollars on a Vizio Plasma TV to find out how to get a completely free Vizio 50 Plasma HD-TV!.

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